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Creating a KOZY & Traditional Bathroom

Over the summer, we were thrilled to work on one of our first bathroom remodel projects.

Based in Chalkwell, Essex, our client wanted to create a durable bathroom that they could call their 'forever bathroom' for the main bathroom in their home. To make sure the bathroom would stand the test of time and remain in style, we knew we had to make this a simple, yet classic bathroom, with a KOZY twist.

Our client was fed up with their very dated bathroom and were influenced by KOZY's instagram page to start work on the room. This is what the original bathroom looked like:

To start off the KOZY full remodel, we created a personal mood board for our client, testing out their style, tastes and must-have features.

We decided on a black and white colour palette, with some natural textures and tones throughout, with the use of wooden features. Here are some of our reference images:

Once we got to grips with their style, we moved over to the layout. We did an initial assessment of the bathroom, and the small toilet next door and advised our client on combining the two rooms. Once we established that this would be the most appropriate to make a long-lasting and spacious bathroom, we got to measuring up the room.

We looked at a few options for the layout, here's some of the options we tested...

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

But after all of those options, we went for a hybrid of all of them...

Once we established the layout, and concept design, we put together a shopping list based on our client's budget. Our client loved all of our KOZY pick items, and we got to ordering everything as soon as possible. This stage is definitely the exciting phase as it all becomes a little more real.

So now we began to move from design to project management, overseeing the building work in the bathroom, including the removal of the interior wall, closing up one of the doors, the electric fixing, plumbing work, tiling, painting and installation of all of the KOZY picked items. Here's some shots of the project in progress:

As soon as the work was finalised, we couldn't wait to get over to our client's home and style it to perfection. Here's the finished look:

What do you think? Is this a bathroom you'd love in your home?

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