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What is KOZY Home Styling?

KOZY Home Styling is an interior design brand, offering interior design and home styling services, as well as a home decor store full of unique finds to help you style your space.

KOZY aims to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability by offering professional interior design services, at a reasonable price. This ensures inclusivity within the interior design industry, and makes an often dismissed service, an option.

Our KOZY interior design and home styling packages range from simple styling tips and tools, to full renovation assistance. So we pretty much have something to suit everyone. Our next blog posts will take you through our packages a little bit more - so look out for these!

So who are Katy and Zoe?

The brand began in February 2021, when two university friends, Katy and Zoe, joined forces to bring their home styling talents to the world.

Meet Katy

Katy is KOZY's social media manager, and plays a pivotal role in pulling KOZY client projects together from bringing out our client's style to layout design and project management.

With over seven years of experience in town planning, Katy is also our in-house planner, and can help our clients with any planning queries they have related to their home projects.

When it comes to style, Katy loves a classic look, and is all for a neutral palette, with lots of shades and tones of creams, nudes and whites. However, Katy also has a bit of an eclectic taste, adding statement pieces, or statement rooms that bring out her personality.

Meet Zoe

Zoe is KOZY's client account manager and business development guru, acting as the day-to-day contact for all of our KOZY clients and projects.

Zoe currently manages partnerships with interior designers and design brands globally offering account management to keep projects on track. With her added background in event sales, managing corporate and private events, Zoe is incredibly experienced when it comes to managing our client projects from big picture to small details.

Zoe's style sees classic and traditional interior architecture meet, playful and modern decor. She keeps things simple with warm, light and neutral colour schemes, and loves to bring natural materials and textures in to every space through feature peices, accessories and an array of house plants!

Together, Katy and Zoe are making strides to take over the interior design industry, and bring a young creative flavour with them.

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