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Does Stylish Storage Exist?

As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, I wanted to ensure that my sneakers were not only well-protected, but were showcased in all their glory, without going the typical bachelors den vibe.

As per usual, I went straight on to pinterest to get some style inspo and see what others have done to store their sneakers in a stylish way. Here's some of the options I saw...

I loved the first option, but it wouldn't give the cover protection for my sneakers, and I would need a few of these stands to fit all of my sneakers. The third option also was a great choice, but my current bedroom has a very neutral palette and the black would look too harsh. So, I decided on the middle option, with the boxes, but I wanted to make it my own and unique.

After deciding to go the box route, the next question was front facing, or side facing, and how many would fit in my space? I would have loved to get the side facing to see the full design of the shoes, but I decided to maximise the number of sneakers and shoes I could have in my space, I would go for the front facing boxes.

I checked out Amazon, and some other online stores to try and find the boxes. However, I managed to find a local supplier in the UAE - (, They had great quality options, and were a local supplier - what more can you ask for? I measured up my space and got to ordering.

But how could I make this space a little more KOZY? Why not make it a full dressing area, perfect to check out my outfits with sneakers? So I decided to get a mirror made, that would perfectly fit central to the boxes, added a cool rug to add some style, and a finally a trendy terry towel bean bag to sit on as I put on my sneakers. Here's the final look:

Check out our reel over on the KOZY instagram to see how I put it all together...

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