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KOZY was founded in 2020 by two friends Katy and Zoe. Following the purchase of their own properties in 2018, and undergoing major renovations; the duo are experienced in all things interior and re-design, creating spaces people love to be in.

Born out of London's trendsetting design hub, East London, and taking on projects all over the world, we aim to explore each of our clients lifestyles and design preferences to create spaces that represent their personality whilst encompassing both functionality and timeless style. 

Kozy Home Styling - Lifestyle - Photography - Hayley Benoit - 28052022 - 01 - JPEG - HIGH
Kozy Home Styling - Lifestyle - Photography - Hayley Benoit - 28052022 - 01 - JPEG - HIGH

Katy Adubi


Katy is a chartered town planner with over 6 years experience in the planning industry. Currently based in Dubai, Katy works on the delivery of strategic regeneration and transformative development projects across the Gulf region. While Katy also has UK-based planning experience working on the delivery of both small and large scale projects. Katy is able to advise KOZY clients on any planning related matters that could impact their properties, and has a great working relationship with industry professionals, including architects, urban designers and landscape architects in both the UK and Dubai. 

Style: Minimal and Contemporary

Zoë Benoit



Based in London, Zoe works for an influential Interior Homeware Collection managing partnerships with interior designers and brands across the world. With an additional  8 years of experience in managing client's corporate events and working in London's most prestigious venues, Zoe has built an incredible client base through the creation of extraordinary event experiences. From global product launches, fashion shows and awards ceremonies; to VIP weddings and private parties, she has managed it all.  Zoe's unique eye for designing and styling events along with exhuastive client account management experience are an incredible asset to KOZY and our services. 

Style : Traditional meets Modern 

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