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5 Do's to styling a rented space

When it comes to decorating a rented space there can be a number of caveats to consider as we all know landlords don't always allow for any permanent changes to be made to their properties. The KOZY girls have curated their top Do's to make moving into a new rental space a breeze.

DO Work with what you’ve got

This is the cardinal rule of how to decorate a rented property. You have to live with the fact that there are elements of the decor that you cannot change. So try to work around the things you can’t change. If your space is within a period property, meaning that it has some of its original features still scattered throughout the rooms, from the original chimneys and fireplaces to the vintage entryway tiles, embrace it! By focusing on these characters can help to make my decor look more purposeful, enhancing the overall look and feel of the home.

DO Find ways to hide ugly flooring

Ugly flooring is one of the most common issues with rental properties. Flooring is usually built to last and often can show signs of wear and tear. Given that changing carpets or laminate isn't always possible, we say invest in rugs! Be it a large area rug or a hallway runner they are inexpensive ways of adding colour and excitement to any room, as well as covering up any unsightly scenes. So hide a tired carpet or broken floorboards with a statement rug. Nordic Knots and Beneta are some of our go to places when sourcing for our clients.

DO Investment in key pieces

When renting, your money is best spent on the things that you can take with you to your next home aka 'the forever home'. Its a great idea sourcing a few stand-out pieces of furniture for each space that are high quality and build to last. We suggest purchasing your bare necessities in the first instance such as a bed and some living room chairs, but waiting to purchase investment pieces and even commission bespoke furniture and window dressings added a touch of luxury to my space. Be patient!

DO Change Hardware and Light Fixtures

Good lighting is essential to making your rental property into your own. Whilst its quick and easy to opt for an interesting side, table or floor lamp, you can also make the simple change of swapping out pendant/ ceiling light fixtures too as well as replacing the existing hardware such as switch panels, cabinet handles, By paying attention to the details and replace bog standard with statement fittings, you will instantly transformed the space. You can store the old fixtures in a box together in storage to be swapped back out again when you move out. 

DO Negotiate on Paint

Whilst rented properties are notoriously known for being adverse to a lick of paint in any colour other than white! We are seeing times of change and so negotiating painting a few walls or even a number of rooms in your rental home is a very possible. Instead of going for bright and bold (potentially difficult colours to paint over) why not consider the more modern takes on neutrals, from Farrow & Ball's School House White, to Lick's Geige 01

these neutral colours can be used in different formats, be it colour blocking or limewash to create a modern living environment we promise your landlord will love!

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