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2023 Trends: What's Hot & What's Not

2023 has seen some fun interior design trends so far. The KOZY girls aren't too hot on trends, but here's our thoughts on what current trends appear to be timeless, and what we think is just a trend and will soon pass.


1. Listening Rooms

Though not in our budget currently, we love this trend of having a listening room in your home. It's a great space to chill out at home, or to host visitors.

2. Gallery Walls

We love the use of corridors and landings to create gallery walls, or even a gallery floor. Perfect home for your artwork, that can always be updated as you collect art.

3. Statement Lamps

We love a statement lamp, whether it's a table lamp or a floor lamp, they are great ways to add style and personality to a space. These can be timeless pieces to upgrade your home.

4. Arches

Creating an arch in your home is a perfect way to add some character to your space. Arches in entryways, or in decor pieces such as mirrors are great, as they add a new dimension to your home.

5. Coloured Glass

Coloured glass, whether in vases, pendant lights or glassware is hot on our KOZY list and definitely not coming off anytime soon!


1. Plaster Walls

They may look cool now, and bang on trend, but this is a look that will become played out and will only last for so long. However, one way to keep upgrading this as time goes on, is to experiment with colour.

2. Blue Rooms

Blue on blue is very on trend this year, but the intensity of this colour is something that we see fading from the spotlight pretty quickly.

3. Stripes

Now we are big fans of stripes, and actually love this trend. But we are also well aware that this is not a timeless design, and is sort of like marmite.

4. Gold Accents

No, no and no again.

5. Plaid

Again, we like this trend, but it's just not a timeless pattern and is something that can get easily 'plaid out'. Ha. So if you are happy to recycle and alternate as and when the pattern is on trend, we would say go for it!

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