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Where to Spend & Save in your Living Room Project


n the living room, it is important to make a note of what items you use most while spending time in this room. Here's our list of where to splurge and where to save when it comes to your room of relaxation:

  • Sofa: SPLURGE - you spend the most time of your day either on your feet, sleeping or sitting down, it is therefore pivotal to spend big on your shoes (for comfort!), your bed (for comfort) and your sofa (for comfort!)

  • Cushions: SAVE - cushions are the easiest way to update your living room style through the seasons, so get some cheap cushion covers that can be removed and replaced as you transition through the year

  • Coffee Table/Side Table: SAVE - coffee tables and side tables can be really expensive, but you can find affordable and long-lasting options. As styles evolve, coffee tables and side tables are those items you may regret investing in, so keep it simple, source an affordable one, and sell it on facebook marketplace when you get bored!

  • Throws: SAVE - you can mix and match throws throughout the year, so don't heavily invest in these. You can also get super affordable options that are also incredible quality.

  • TV Media Unit - SPLURGE - Though a TV unit may not seem like a valid investment, when you are on your sofa watching the TV, you are often facing the media unit, so you'll spend a lot of time looking at it - give yourself something nice to look at!

  • TV - SAVE - You can always get a good deal on a TV. Don't shy away from quality, but just try to target your purchase around a big sales event, like black Friday or cyber Monday.

  • Ornaments - SAVE - How you like your ornaments will change as your style evolves. We like to find deals on our ornaments, and move them around the house as our style transforms.

  • Rugs - SPLURGE - 100% spend that money on your rug! Good quality rugs are hard to come by, and will stay in your home for a very long time. Find a good one, and never let it go!

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