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The Timeless Trend That Keeps Coming Back

A classic architectural element that has been used in design for centuries, the arch, is making another comeback and we are here for it. Placing arches in your home is an incredible way to elevate your space, and add an element of luxury.

The best thing about arches is that they do not correlate with just one interior style, and can work across styles irrespective of your preferences. There are also many ways to play with arches, all of which will create new dimensions within your space. This can be done with colour, placement, texture and materials.

Arches are an incredible way to connect spaces, and act as a natural wayfinding strategy within your home. When guests visit your home, arches are able to help easily navigate users through the space. We therefore love using them in hallways, connecting rooms to eachother.

Arches can also help to define spaces. We love to use colour by painting arched doorways, that create a statement. By using colours that both compliment and contrast the wall colour, you can easily create a bold and timeless look.

Arched doors are also very much in right now, and we love these arched crittall doors. They allow for separation between space without compronising light reduction.

Arches don't necessarily need to be solely used as room separators. They can also be used as shower entry points, or kitchen pantries/cabinets, acting as a special feature in any space.

Although we love an arch, and advocate for them across projects, they can be quite costly. If it something you want to pursue, it is definitely something to be factored into renovation budgets, ensuring that they are placed in the most impactful places possible. Therefore if the arch isn't currently in the budget, why not go for some arched furnishing pieces or home decor like statement mirrors and wall art?

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