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Summer Styling Essentials

Updated: Jun 3

Summer styling is a fun excuse to switch things up in your home and begin thinking about hosting that family bbq and or catching up with friends. We've formulated 3 summer styling essentials to take you from basic, to banging this summer.

Go Bold or Go Home

Bold patterns like basket weave, broken stripes and checks will continue to be popular in 2024. These patterns add visual interest and incorporate colour without overwhelming the space. Think big bold patterns in the form of wide stripes, generous squares and undulating organic shapes that can be seen in textiles, rugs, posters and interior details.

Here you can choose to go all the way and mix and match patterns in a playful way, or if you prefer a more minimalist approach, you can choose to focus on one or a few patterned details to create a contrast with an otherwise more simple interior. Patterns have a great seasonal effect on your home and are essential to styling for summer.

Earthy with a pop!

Earthy colours like olive green, terracotta, burnt orange, and mustard yellow are continuing to be popular this spring summer season. These colours add warmth and depth to any room, but still allow you to create a light, airy and inviting atmosphere perfect for a summer chill.

The question is how do you elevate an 'earthy' space?

Think textured linens, think playing with complimentary colour palettes, shades of peach, pink, yellow, red and green stand out and are used in textiles, lighting and interior details. Summer styling is a great reason to consider ways of bringing the outdoors in and elevating it into a functional space so why not play with colour, it can change the feel of a room in no time, can be used to express our personality and simply makes everyday life a little more fun!

Sustainable materials & Statement details

Sustainable materials like bamboo, jute and recycled plastic will continue to be popular during the summer months of 2024. These materials not only look great and create a sense of bringing the outdoors in, but also have a lower environmental impact too, and are super accessible.

We're all about decorating with unique interior details that attract attention and make your home feel both eclectic and personal. A statement piece can be a large vase for flower arrangements, a lamp with an exciting design, a sculpture or textiles made from sustainable materials. These details will help you create a vibrant home and provide provide a great talking point for summer social settings!

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