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Sofa Styling

This might be the best and worst item to style in your home as it's probably the most used, and once you start you can't stop. Also if anything is out of place it ruins your whole look!

First up it's cushions. We love mixing and matching with different complimentary colours, sizes, textures and tones.

Next up it's the rug - tips on arrangement are below. PLEASE use this from classy clutter.

Then what about adding a side table to rest your drinks or books on?

Coffee tables - what is a rug without a coffee table? Check out our IG highlights we added recently sign some super stylish and affordable coffee table options.

Then styling the coffee table - you need some decor! Hard back books, ornaments and candles are your answer!

Oh and finally, artwork. Why not try adding a cool portrait above your sofa to complete the look?


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