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Sideboard Styling - in 3 simple steps

1. Start with the wall

It's important when styling your side board to consider the space around it first. Draw the eye upward by hanging art or a mirror above your sideboard to create a backboard.

Choosing the right size and placement for your piece depends on the size of the art or mirror. A good general approach is to ensure whatever piece you choose (mirror or artwork) it does not extend beyond the sides of the sideboard.

If hanging things on walls is not your thing, you can achieve a relaxed look by opting to lean artwork or mirror against the wall behind rather than hang it. You could choose to lean one large piece, or play around with layering artwork using complementary pieces, or even mix art with a mirror.

2. Add a little light

Bring light into the mix with a unique table lamp or a set of ornate candles/ candlesticks for your sideboard. When considering the size of the lamp or candlesticks, adding height is an easy way to add visual effect.

Most medium-sized pieces will work beautifully, but you can play with larger oversized styles in a more open space for ultimate impact. We love the idea of imbalance in a modern space and suggest sticking with one light positioned to one side. If on the other hand you have a period style property and love a traditional look then and symmetry all the way.

3. Keep it organized, functionality is a must

Add trays, bowls, and decorative boxes to corral items you want to keep most accessible in your space. A sideboard can easily be transitioned into a stunning bar using a large tray to display your collection of spirits or luxury barware. Don’t overcrowd your sideboard – a few items are all you need to turn a functional piece of furniture into a feature.

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