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Rust is having a moment...and it might be here to stay

Updated: Jun 5

There are a plethora of names given to the hues and shades that feature on an Interior Designer's moodboard, however rust is one that has always stood out. A brown-red -orange shade named after oxidized iron, the colour rust is a rich and earthy tone used everywhere from fashion, film, marketing, furniture design as well as within interior design.

The rust trend has been cooking since the design industry’s most important event, Salone del Mobile in Milan named it one of the spotlight colours to watch – taking over from millennial pink. It injects a natural warmth and energy into a space and instantly makes it feel relaxed, rich and welcoming. This colour is all about slowing down and reforging that strong connection to nature.

So, how do you start getting rust in to your own curated spaces at home, I hear you ask? To kickstart injection of rust why not think about a paint! Its a great way to feature colour in any space, when it comes to paint finishes, rust looks great in a lime wash, as its unique chalky, velvety finish enhances the vintage feel of the colour and creates a lovely decadent feel. Give Grevillea or Paprika by Bauwerk Colour a try.

Another creative way to incorporate rust into different areas of the home is specifically in your kitchen or bathroom. We know it’s bold, but trust us, rust stone tiles on the splash back or island counter top paired with off white linen coloured cabinets and antique brass fixtures will look amazing!

For bathrooms pairing a deep and luxurious rust paint with warm and bright terracotta tiles to colour wash one area of the bathroom and create a statement. For example the shower enclosure area or a double sink area.

There are so many textures and materials that work particularly well with rust because of its natural properties.

Because rust has this richness to it, it can sit alongside stronger materials. Both wool and bouclé textured fabrics look awesome, and do a great job elevating any space. If you're looking to accessorise with rust, we love a rich mohair velvet – it’s a very Soho House look – which can easily be offset that with a natural linens or brushed cottons.

Marble can often have a rust vein running through it and pairing that with other rust textures or materials, such as an upholstered bed or armchair, would look great. 

But... it is not just the rust colour growing on us lately. It’s the whole family of earthy neutrals. Symbolizing a slower way of life, a strong connection with nature, and more sustainable living.

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