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Lighting up The Home in the Darker Months

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Colder, darker evenings in the winter can effect how our homes feel. Lighting is one of the greatest tools to have at your disposal, both for functionally in illuminating a space, but also to create the right type of atmosphere.

Table Lamps & Floor Lamps

Using lamps to light dark corners, hallways and nearby furniture is a simple way to light up your space and bounce light around the room. Lampshades make a huge difference; translucent fabrics allow more light to filter out, which makes the room feel brighter, while more opaque materials give a subtle glowing effect.

Light Bulbs

Think about changing your light bulbs according to the season, this could make a huge difference. Energy efficient higher wattage bulbs should be used for overhead pendant lighting, while lower wattage bulbs in lamps will provide a atmosphere in winter. The colour temperature is really important here, opt for warmer and more orange lights for a cosy winter ambience and save energy too.

Dimmable & Portable

Portable, dimmable lighting can be easily transported from space to space. Made using cutting-edge design techniques, dimmable and portable lighting can be easily recharged giving you a soft, ambient light wherever you may need it.

KOZY Finds...

Enno Pendant Light - Tala Lighting

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