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How to Make a Big Impact in a Small Space

We don't all have the luxury of a utility room, but a great way to maximize living space is by storing your washing machine in a cupboard. That way it's hidden, not occupying too much space and makes a big impact on your living arrangemnets.

There are a plethora of small dining tables on the market that are perfect to create an impactful dining space even if you are limited with space. Match it with some statement chairs and you are in with a winning dining area.

No matter how big our homes are, storage is always something we seem to lack. Use that dead space under your stairs and create some extra storage.

Looking for some work from home space? Why not convert your coat closet into a working space? It just needs some shelving, and a shelf desk and you are sorted.

Need an extra bedroom, but only have a small space? Opt for a 'small double', bigger than a single bed and smaller than a double, these beds can slot into narrow spaces pretty well.

Maximize the functionality of your space with flexibility. Hide your TV, until you really need to use it.

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