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Garden Styling for Outdoor Living

Updated: May 2, 2023

Warmer weather means spending more time outdoors is a vibe! We believe in making all spaces KOZY, but we know this can sometimes feel a little difficult to get inspired when surrounded by gravel and grass. The trick is to play on those same natural textures and combine them with other natural softer materials! You can create the perfect sanctuary by including comfy outdoor sofas, rugs and lighting which will bring that KOZY relaxed indoor feeling outside.

Check out some of our styling tips below:

  1. Indoors Out

Let your outdoor space be an extension of your indoor environment. Try pulling colours and textures from your interior colour palette to your outdoor furnishings, including outdoor rugs and cushions. If you have the type of garden or balcony that allows you to leave the view between spaces open, then do it! This helps make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel larger, which is great when hosting guests.

2. Add Lighting

Experiment with creating a mood in your garden through styling a variety of lighting. Lighting should be a warm KOZY glow. Try replacing old, harsh and practical light fixtures with pretty pendants, hanging lanterns or globe lights to add warmth.

3. Add an Area Rug to define the space

If you have more than one zone in your outdoor living space, add an area rug to help further define the spaces. This is particularly important when socialising with family and friends, little ones and pets! By adding a large patterned outdoor rug for example can section off a lounge area bringing design and texture and something soft underfoot!

Last but not least... style your garden for your lifestyle! Make it unique to your needs.

Accommodate for the things you love to do. If you love having people over for dinner, consider creating an outdoor dining room! It will be like having an extension of your indoor dining room, and your guests will love outdoor dinner parties.

The same principle applies to any outdoor activity you enjoy. Look for pieces that work for the way you live.


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