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Falling for Halloween

Halloween may have just passed, but we know the parties are continuing this weekend. But, Halloween isn't just about pumpkins and sweets; it is also the perfect timing to transition into your fall styling and a great opportunity to add some moody autumn ambience to your home.

1. Bring your Halloween décor into the tablescape: Halloween décor doesn’t have to be tacky, skulls, bats, and spiders, but there is a way to embrace the Halloween vibe elegantly. You can’t go wrong by introducing some autumn coloured candles to your table decor and complimenting them with pretty pumpkins and flowers adding a perfect seasonal touch.

2. Ethereal Lighting: Elevate the ambiance in your space by adding ethereal lighting that sets the mood for a fall dining soirée. Replace your standard lighting fixtures with dimmable, antique-inspired chandeliers or pendant lights to create a hauntingly beautiful glow.

3. Seasonal Florals and Foliage: Integrate seasonal florals and foliage to bring the essence of the outdoors inside. Arrange lush, deep-hued bouquets of dried flowers, such as black dahlias, deep red roses, and dark calla lilies, in ornate vases.

4. Artistic Ephemera: Incorporate eerie yet elegant art pieces and decorative items. Display vintage-inspired framed prints of mysterious landscapes or gothic architecture.


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