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Colour Therapy with KOZY

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

We believe a conscious color choice can make you have more control over how you feel at home, so we've pulled together two of our favourite colour combinations, based on colour therapy, to boost your mood this summer.

Browns and Reds

Warm colours are more energising and stimulating, so make you more active, alert and sociable.

Try using browns and reds in areas of the home where people gather such as a living room, We've used richer colours in soft furnishing and metal finishes below to make family, friends and guests feel vibrant in this space.

Greens and Neutrals

Greens are reminiscent of the natural world and have been named some of the most relaxing colors for a home, and the best colors for reducing stress.

Try using rich and deep variations of greens such as sage, khaki, pea and camo; alongside neutral shades starting as cool as off white. Experimenting with Greens is great to trial out in a reading nook, home office or spare room to see what feelings calm can be created,

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