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5 space-saving desks that make big impacts in small spaces

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in order to have a well-functioned work space. Whether you’re looking for a desk to carry out your creative endeavours or if you’re working from home, finding the right desk to fit your confined space can be a game changer. Here are some KOZY desk picks that can transform the tiniest area into a stylish and functional workspace.

Sykes Corner Desk, Wayfair, £146.99 -

Cleverly designed to snuggly fit into the corner of the room this wooden corner desks features a mid-century style whilst providing a dedicated work area while utilising neglected spaces in your room

Cosner Desk - Wayfair, £279.99

Seamlessly blending functionality with style, this desk's sleek and simple design is an ideal fit for a DIY home office. Its design invites modern aesthetics and practicality into any work space with its easily accessible draw and small structure.

Acacia Wood Desk Macacio- The Maisie, £209.95

This desk's simple and minimalist structure incorporates a rustic and elegant aesthetic whilst also providing functionality, as due to its size it is very easy to adapt into any space within your work space.

Yoakum Desk -Wayfair, £236.99

With its stylish and sleek design the Yoakum Desk is a perfect addition to any workspace. This minimalist desk comes with maximised functions with its features such as a cable management system and easily accessible lift-up shelf.

Sid Black Metal Desk - Graham and Green, £375

If you are looking to add a more distressed finish to your workspace this desk is ideal. This writing desk provides an ideal amount of storage while also incorporating a more classic look with its metallic material.


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